Cyprus Theatre Organisation

Every year, an annual Amateur Theatre Festival is held, while we also provide assistance for groups, and from time to time organise workshops, etc.

To further support and strengthen amateur theatre and to recognise those who selflessly dedicate their free time to the activity, Thoc has recently made changes to the way the Festival is organised, based partly on input from amateur theatre groups themselves.

Thoc is in contact with more than sixty amateur theatre groups across Cyprus. Each one has at least 20 members (and some as many as 60) and their performances are attended by several thousand spectators every year. 

Perhaps their most important role is as theatre ‘Ambassadors’ in local communities, many of them remote, where the performances are a collective effort and there is clear and tangible evidence that theatre is growing in popularity.

The initiatives and efforts of various amateur groups are supported by society as a whole, enriching the Cypriot theatre scene with productions that are often of extremely high quality.

Thoc offers the following services to active amateur theatre groups:

a. Registration on Thoc’s list of amateur theatre groups to receive information about amateur theatre.

Groups wishing to register should send the following information to

Group representative

Contact details

Proof that the group is active, such as a programme or poster.

b. Receipt by email of Thoc’s ‘Maska’ magazine and a number of invitations for performances at our Main Stage.

c. The Pancyprian Amateur Theatre Festival organised by Thoc every autumn, in which amateur groups from all over Cyprus can take part with performances in a venue of their choice.

d. Provision of information on a variety of matters relating to the staging of theatrical performances and the organisation of events.

e. Help in finding plays. For more information about plays, groups can contact Thoc’s dramaturg by phone on 22864306 or email at

f. Contact details of other amateur theatre groups based in Cyprus and Greece so that they can exchange experiences and share information.

g. Organisation of workshops.