"Dr. Korczak’s Example", David Greig

Directed by Yiannis Karaoulis

14 February 2020

Surtitled performances

“If it weren't for you, Dr Korczak, and for the home, I would never have known that there are honest people in the world. That I can tell the truth. That there is justice. But now I know”.

For the first time in Cyprus 

In the final numbered days of Dr Korczak’s orphanage in Warsaw’s ghetto, 1942. Just before the children are sent to Treblinka concentration camp, a new arrival, Adzio, a boy raised in the streets, will make Korczak re-evaluate everything he had taught his “children”.   

Scottish playwright David Greig explores the notion of justice and dignity in a world stripped bare of its humanity. The play gently brings to the fore the love and mutual respect between the “Old Doctor” and the “small people”, as Korzcak used to call the children. An ode to humanity, to the greatness of giving and to the everlasting power of love. 

Janusz Korzcak

Janusz Korzcak was born in 1878. He was a Polish Jewish author, paediatrician, social activist, paedague and a defender of children’s rights. He founded Dom Sierot, an orphanage for Jewish children in Warsaw in 1911. He was also one of the founding members of Nasz Dom, a Catholic children’s orphanage. When the Nazis made him move Dom Sierot in the Warsaw Ghetto, Korzcak continued his work there. In August 1942, Korzcak and his 200 children were transferred to the Treblinka extermination camp. Despite being given the chance to save his own life, Korzcak refused to abandon the children. 

David Greig

David Greig is a an award winning playwright and director. H studied English Literature and Theatre at the University of Bristol. When he completed his studies, he returned to Scotland, where he co-founded the Suspect Theatre Group with Graham Eatough and Nick Powell in 1990.     His first play was staged in Glasgow, 1992, in collaboration with Suspect Culture Theatre Group. He has since written over 50 plays: plays for adult audiences, plays for underage audiences, plays for the radio, adaptations, translations, and librettos for musicals. He has worked with Great Britain’s most prominent theatre organizations, including the Royal Court Theatre, the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, London’s Hampstead Theatre, the National Theatre of Scotland, and the Traverse Theatre in Scotland, while he has been artistic director of Scotland’s Royal Lyceum Theatre since 2016.


Creative team

Translation: Sofia Gregoriou-Yiannis Karaoulis

Direction: Yiannis Karaoulis

Dramaturgy: Eleni Moleski

Set-Costume design: Eleni Ioannou

Music: Christina Georgiou

Movement: Elena Christodoulidou

Lighting design: Giorgos Lazoglou

Assistant to the director: Irini Andreou


Cast: Mikaella Theodoulidou, Panayiotis Larkou, Andreas Makris, Tariel Beridze


Morning performances for schools, secondary education

Nicosia: Theatro Apothikes THOC

As from 15 January 2020, Tuesday-Friday


Information/Reservations: Magda Makar, tel. 22864330


Performances for audience

Nicosia: Theatro ApothikesTHOC

As form 19 January 2020 and every Sunday, 18.00


Surtitled performances

Englishurkish, Nicosia: 9 February 2020

Greek, Nicosia: 23 February 2020

Information/Tickets: THOC Box office, tel. 77772717, www.thoc.org.cy

Ticket Prices: €12 / €6

All performances are accompanied by a photographic exhibition within the theatre. Additionally, in collaboration with the Commissioner for Children’s Rights thematic discussion will be organized on the 16th of February 2020.