Amateur Theatre

In full knowledge that the initiative and efforts of various amateur groups are widely supported by society, the Cyprus Theatre Organisation attaches great importance to the development of amateur theatre, considering it as one of the genuine and spontaneous forms of theatrical expression.

The Cyprus Theatre Organisation offers the following to amateur theatre groups:

a. The inclusion in THOC’s Register of Amateur Theatre Groups and to receive information regarding amateur theatre.

b. Βi-monthly bulletin and complimentary tickets for THOC’s performances.

c. Organisation every autumn of the Pancyprian Festival of Amateur Theatre, in which amateur groups from all over Cyprus can participate with performances given at venues of their choice. Through the Pancyprian Festival, the best performance is selected, which in the past (before the changes brought about with the economic crisis in Greece), represented Cyprus at the Meeting of Amateur Groups of the Aegean that takes place every autumn on an Aegean island. Each participating group receives a symbolic grant of €1000.

d. Information on various issues related to theatre performances and events.

e. Advice in selecting plays.

f. Contact details of other amateur groups based in Cyprus or Greece, with a view to promoting the exchange of knowledge, experience and information.

g. Training seminars.