Department of Theatre Development

In 1979, eight years after its establishment, THOC added to its structure the Department of Theatre Development, which has since been engaged in ways and projects that broaden and promote theatre activity in Cyprus, in cooperation with other bodies and social groups.

The main activities of the Department of Theatre Development are the following:

  • Subsidisation of performances by theatre companies which are active in Cyprus
  • School theatre – Organisation of the Pancyprian Theatre School Games and workshops for teachers
  • Amateur theatre – Organisation of the Pancyprian Festival of Amateur Theatre
  • Organisation of Masterclasses for various theatre disciplines
  • Collaboration with non-governmental organisations and groups for the promotion of activities for theatre (see, Theatricon Katafygio)
  • Financial support of organised groups that have among their objectives the development of theatre (Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute, Actors Union of Cyprus, Cyprus Playwrights Society etc.)
  • Provision of information to prospective students, parents, professionals, organisations interested in the theatre in Cyprus, educational institutions, organised groups etc.