Subsidisation of Theatre Performances: THYMELI Scheme

Within the framework of the procedure launched to create a Single grant scheme for all professional Theatrical Bodies and Groups, which led to the implementation as from this year of the THYMELI scheme, and:

  •  based on the findings regarding issues arising from the way the Advisory Committee on the evaluation of the quality of the work of the subsidised groups, from both the respective committees and the board of directors and officials of the Organisation  and
  • after the board of directors heeded the concerns and views expressed by representatives of the groups about the issues during consultations held for THYMELI

THOC, in full transparency and with the aim always to promote the development of the country’s theatre, today announced a revision of the way the Committee is set up and its renaming to Evaluation Committee of THYMELI Performances.

Please find Candidates Application Form below, as in "Relevant Documents" section.

The deadline to apply for membership of the Evaluation Committee is 31 October.



The mission of the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme (EAP) is to evaluate the quality of productions staged by professional groups or troupes based in Cyprus, registered as “non-profit companies/organisations”, which receive subsidisation from the Cyprus Theatre Organisation through the THYMELI Scheme (henceforth referred to as “the Bodies”). For this purpose, the Committee attends the productions as early as possible after their premiere and makes its evaluation which it immediately submits to the Board of THOC for further action, in line with the provisions of the THYMELI Scheme.


  1. The Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme is appointed for one year (1 January – 31 December)
  2. An EAP member may serve for up to three consecutive terms but a fourth consecutive term is prohibited. A member who has served for three terms on the Committee (successive or not) may be reappointed only after at least three years have passed from the end of his/her last term.
  3. The committee has five members and is made up of personalities who come from the world of theatre and of the arts more widely, without this being restrictive, with the aim of covering a broad spectre.  
  4. On his/her appointment, each member of EAP signs a relevant agreement with THOC and undertakes to operate independently and free of any influence.
  5. Acceptance of appointment to the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme automatically means acceptance of the terms and conditions of the current document and of the legal obligations which they entail.


Within the framework of cooperation with the theatre bodies of the country on the principles of equality and fairness and in conditions of complete transparency, the Cyprus Theatre Organisation appoints the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme on the basis of the following procedure:

 1. Each theatre body is allowed to nominate up to two personalities as candidates for appointment to the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme. All bodies that had at least one production evaluated by the Performance Evaluation Committee within the three year period preceding the year of the appointment of the EAP is allowed to nominate candidates and participate in the election process.

2. Individuals are allowed to submit only their own candidacy.

3. The nominations must be submitted to the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (Theatre Development Department) on Form 2 by 31 October of each year for the following year. Any other expression of interest is excluded and is not taken into consideration.

4. After the end of this deadline and within a fortnight, the Cyprus Theatre Organisation will check the validity of the candidacies (service in a previous committee etc) and draw up a relevant list with all the names which will be sent to all the theatre bodies. The list will feature the candidacies (in alphabetical order) but not the Bodies they were nominated by.

5. A meeting will be called by THOC by the beginning of December of all the theatre Bodies to elect the members of EAP for the new calendar year. The Bodies will be informed about the meeting at least two weeks earlier and the meeting will not last longer than 2 hours.

6. Each Body will be allowed to vote for five candidates by secret ballot. The ballot paper will be prepared and distributed during the meeting by THOC. A ballot paper with more or fewer than five names will be considered invalid and will not be taken into consideration.

7. Each body votes only once through a representative nominated (through Form EAP 3 which must be submitted to THOC up to 3 working days before the elections) in line with the principle of equality and fairness and irrespective of the size, the number of productions, the years of operation, the budget or other parameters. Individuals are excluded from voting.

8. With the completion of the electoral process, officials from the Theatre Development Department of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (under the supervision of the Chairman of the Committee for Theatre Development of the Board of THOC) will open the ballot boxes, check the ballot papers and count the valid votes in an open process in the presences of any representatives of the theatre Bodies who so wish.

9. The five personalities with the most votes will be appointed to the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme in order of the number of votes. In the event of a tie, a draw is carried out.

10. If one of the personalities that has been elected cannot or does not want to participate in the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme, THOC proceeds to appoint the next in line personality, as this resulted from the elections. The same occurs in the event a member of EAP withdraws at any time during the year.  

11. The Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme operates without a Chairman because it is based on the principle of the Average Grading by its members. Any coordination is carried out through the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (Theatre Development Department, the officials of which do not have a vote or involvement).


 1. The opinion of the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme (grade) is submitted to the board of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation for purposes of evaluating the work of the theatrical Bodies to share out the grant as described in the Thymeli Scheme. The board of THOC reserves the right to ask EAP to re-examine some of its evaluations (if and when it deems this justified) but in any event the decision of the Performance Evaluation Committee is binding for Thoc and final.

2. The evaluation/grading of members of the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THOC THYMELI Scheme will be carried out on a special form (EAP4) that will be given by THOC and submitted to the Organisation (Theatre Development Department) with their name and signature.

3. The Theatrical Organisation of Cyprus undertakes to protect and  preserve the members of the Performance Evaluation Committee and therefore will not publicise any of its members comments and/or grades. Bodies will be notified about the general evaluation (Average).

4. The members of the Performance Evaluation Committee must attend all the performance subsidised by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation as well as some which may not have been received grants, in line with paragraph E2 of the current document.

5 The evaluation must be submitted correctly filled in and signed to THOC (Theatre Development Department) the latest within 5 working days from the day of attending the performance.

6. If a member of the Committee has not attended one third (1/3) of the performances that have preceded at any time during the year, he/she automatically loses his/her rights and ceases to participate in EAP. In such an event the Board of THOC replaces this member in line paragraph C10 of the current document.

 7. In the event a member of EAP is involved in any of the performances being evaluated, then this member is excluded from the evaluation of the specific performance. The board of THOC can exclude a member from the evaluation of all the productions of the specific Body.


1. The Bodies are obliged to offer any facility to the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme and accept the Free Entry Passes of its members to evaluate their productions. In addition, it is the obligation of the Bodies to inform THOC about the exact programme of their performances and provide the members of EAP a complimentary programme of the performance.

2. At the request of the Body (that must be submitted in writing to THOC) Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme may evaluate performances which, in the framework of competitiveness, have not been approved for subsidisation by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation. The evaluation will be taken into consideration in the event the Body requests financing for a new production the following year.

3. The members of the Performance Evaluation Committee of the THYMELI Scheme are paid a symbolic fee of €2,000 (two thousand euros).