Cyprus Theatre Organisation

Savvas Kyriakides

Artistic Director

Savvas Kyriakidis was born in Athens in 1965.

He holds a Theatre Studies postgraduate degree (DEA) in Arts du Spectacle from the New Sorbonne University (Paris III).

He also holds a Theatre Studies degree (Licence/Maîtrise) from the New Sorbonne University (Paris III) and is a graduate of Athens University Law School.

He is the first Artistic Director in Thoc’s history, and was appointed in May 2017.

From 1999 to 2017 he worked at the National Theatre of Greece (NTG), where he successively headed the departments of Drama (2007-2009), Drama, Archives, Publications and Library (2009-2014), and Artistic Work & Drama (2014-2017).

Between 2004 and 2009 he was in charge of the digitisation of the Historical Archive of the NTG for the period 1932-2005. The project was awarded the Excellence Award for Digital Culture Projects by the Ministry of Culture.

From 2002 to 2017 he taught theatre history and drama at the NTG Drama School.

He has adapted the following novels for the theatre: The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (NTG, 2007), Petros’s Long Walk by Alki Zei (NTG, 2010 and Thoc 2016, with Takis Tzamargias), The Third Wedding Wreath by Kostas Tachtsis (Thoc, 2014), Loxandra by Maria Iordanidou (Thoc, 2015), Aeolian Land by Ilias Venezis (with Dimitris Chaliotis, NTG, 2021). With Yannis Houvardas, he adapted Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning becomes Electra (NTG, 2012), and also adapted Shakepeare’s Richard III (Synchrono Theatro, 2016).

As well as teaching at the NTG Drama School, he has also taught at the Kazakos School, Iasmos (Vasilis Diamantopoulos), and Theatro ton Allagon), and has delivered seminars at the University of the Peloponnese Department of Theatre Studies (2015, 2016), the NTG Summer Academy (2002, 2003), and the Pyrna adult education programme in Kifisia.

He has published original texts, analyses and translations in publications and programmes for the National Theatre of Greece and other organisations.

He has twice chaired the Reading Panel for the Greek Ministry of Culture’s Emerging Playwrights Competition (2013, 2015), and also chaired the NTG Reading Panel for two playwriting competitions for young writers up to 35 years of age (2008-2010).

He is a past Alexander S. Onassis Foundation scholar and speaks English and French.