Cyprus Theatre Organisation


As a semi-public institution, the Cyprus Theatre Organisation receives a state subsidy for its activities. However, it is the support of the local community and the public themselves, either as individuals or as groups, through private and corporate subscriptions and sponsorship, which makes it possible for us to produce such a wide range of work and expand the cultural horizons of our country.

Annual Subscriptions Card

Subscriptions offer benefits to theatregoers as they are able to watch, for a period of one year from the date of their registration, the productions of  the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (excluding productions of the Stage 018) at a preferential price. 

Annual subscriptions:  
2 persons: €75 
1 persons: €50 

Benefits of the annual subscriber card: 

  • Preferential price: the cost to the spectator is reduced to at least half of the ticket price. 
  • Free program of each production. 
  • Electronic dispatch of the periodical publication of THOC, 'MASK' and newsletter for the current productions of THOC. 

How to pay:

  • Online at (click here).
  • In cash (only at the Thoc box office).
  • By cheque (made payable to the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and mailed along with a completed application form to the address indicated on the form).
  • By credit card (mailing a completed application form with your card details to the address indicated on the form).

Thoc box office, tel. 77 77 27 17 | Tuesday-Sunday 10am-1.30pm & 4pm-6pm
Irini Anastasiou, tel. 22864303 | Daily 8am-3pm

Corporate subscriptions

The Cyprus Theatre Organisation offers corporate subscription for companies and organisations.

This benefits people working for the respective company or organisation and promotes corporate social responsibility through the financial support of Thoc’s wide range of work. The cost of the subscription (€75 for two people, €50 for one person) can be fully covered by the company/organisation or partly by the employer and partly by the employee.

On presentation of a Thoc subscription card, employees and/or customers can attend performances at Thoc’s Main Stage and New Stage in Nicosia or in other cities and at other venues where Thoc performs.

In addition, every subscriber receives newsletters about Thoc’s current and forthcoming productions and other events and activities, and receives a free programme for each production.

For more information about corporate subscriptions please contact:
Irini Anastasiou, 22864303, email: