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Richard Bach

«Jonathan Livingston Seagull»

From 26 February 2023

Εvents 2022-2023 - Youth on a deserted islandThoc Theatro Apothikes

Youth on a deserted island


Jonathan Livingston Seagull tells the story of a bird like no other. His one passion is to be able to fly higher and faster in order to be free. But his unwillingness to fly merely to look for food alarms the rest of the flock.

Banished as an outcast, alone but unafraid, Jonathan continues his journey of self-discovery. The only thing that saddens him is that he cannot share his experience with other birds, until one day, he meets a community of gulls. Jonathan will succeed in breaking the chains that imprison his body and his thoughts, flying as far as he wishes. A paean to freedom, endeavour, following one’s dreams, and self-fulfilment.

Performances for the general public

Nicosia |Theatre Apothikes
From Sunday 26 February 2023 at 7pm
and every Sunday at 5pm (matinee) and 7pm (evening performance)


  • Sunday 26 March 2023 at 7pm (Greek)
  • Sunday 2 April 2023 at 7pm (English and Turkish)