Cyprus Theatre Organisation

by Giorgos Kapoutzidis


From 6 October 2023

New StageTHOC Building - New Stage


In an apartment somewhere in Athens, a group of thirtysomethings untangle their relationships. An affair and an imminent divorce, as well as the postponement of a wedding, provide the opportunity for feelings to be expressed for the first time and for problems, fears and anxieties to come to the surface. The situation swiftly spirals out of control as unspoken desires are revealed and truths come to light.

Hands up if you want a divorce is a comedy that masterfully outlines our present-day lives through true-to-life, everyday moments, involving people who are struggling to get their bearings in a fluid world that is full of frustrations and disappointments. It is a play that talks about the love that can come flooding in once we raise our eyes from our mobile phones. The play is full of humour, but also candid, audacious and realistic in touching on issues such as commitment, sexuality, loneliness, faith, and freedom of choice.

Giannis Paraskevopoulos’s direction serves the author’s disarmingly direct speech, highlighting his penetrating view of society. He is joined by a dynamic group of actors, who illuminate all the dimensions of the engaging characters.

This production is recommended for ages fifteen and over.


Nicosia | Thoc Theatre, New Stage

From 6 October 2023 and every
Friday at 20:30
Saturday at 18:00 and 18:30
Sunday at 18:00

Paphos | Markideio Theatre
Wednesday 6 December 2023 at 20:30

Larnaca | George Lycourgos Municipal Theatre
Wednesday 20 December 2023 at 20:30

Limassol | Pattihio Municipal Theatre
Wednesday 30 December 2023 at 20:30

The performance on Sunday 8 October 2023 will be followed by a Q&A session between the audience and the cast and creatives.


  • 27 October 2023 (greek)
  • 29 October 2023 (english and turkish)
  • 30 December 2023 (english and turkish)