Cyprus Theatre Organisation

Jules Verne


From 20 November 2022

The story begins when the British aristocrat Phileas Fogg and his French servant Jean Passepartout resolve to travel around the world in eighty days to win a bet.

In this race against the clock, they traverse different countries, using every means of transport at their disposal and encountering a variety of cultures from East to West, overcoming obstacles and setbacks in a desperate attempt to win the bet and vindicate their bold decision. Every stop on their tour is an exhilarating experience: sometimes perilous, sometimes exasperating, but always revealing.

In one of the best loved children’s adventures of all time, Jules Verne weaves a story of the indomitability of the human spirt that touches young and old alike.

The novel has been adapted for the stage by Andri Theodotou in a production directed by Marios Kakkoulis. A talented team of actors and creatives brings Fogg’s adventures to life as a journey in which he discovers multiculturalism, diversity and the beauty of the world.