Cyprus Theatre Organisation

Alekos Sakellarios and Christos Giannakopoulos

The Makrykostases and the Kontogiorgides

From 16 September 2022

Away From Home


An old family feud haunts the lives of two ordinary people, Thomas Makrykostas and Stelios Kontogiorgis, who know nothing of one another. Hatred is rekindled as they come under pressure from their families to shoulder the debt of revenge. When they cross paths by chance in a hotel in Athens, the hidden conflict suddenly becomes real. Will they manage to emerge unscathed from their frantic pursuit of one another and leave old enmities in the past?

The comedy Makrykostases and Kontogiorgides, written in 1959, was a huge artistic and commercial success thanks to its film version, which remains popular to this day.

The unlikely situations, spare dialogue and the rapid-fire pace of the play are fertile ground for director Panayiotis Larkou and his cast and creative team, who vividly convey the consequences of an indefensible custom, offering plenty of laughs and satirising all manner of people and types of behaviour.