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«Cleansed» | Rehearsals continue


Rehearsals are continuing for Thoc’s New Stage production of Sarah Kane's Cleansed, directed by Euripides Dikaios. The first performance of the play that shook European theatre to its core at the end of the 20th century, considered one of the finest works of the “in-yer-face” movement, will be on Friday 19 January 2024.

About the play

In an enclosed space, six characters undergo extreme trials under the sadistic gaze of a doctor. Relationships of power and submission that open wounds and break bodies and souls. A traumatic environment where any attempt at sexual expression is doomed to failure. Cries of love at a complete impasse, covered by fears and distorted emotions.

Written in 1998, Cleansed is the third in a series of five revealing plays by Sarah Kane, one of the most controversial figures in contemporary British theatre. A unique example of verbal brutality, iconoclastic action and political reflection, it vigorously denounces the mechanisms of oppression and control used by social institutions and authorities that seek to undermine and ultimately eliminate any possibility of free expression.

The director is Euripides Dikaios, who, with the support of an experienced group of actors, confronts Kane's raw and violent universe and takes on the particular challenge of how to represent the unrepresentable.


Translation: Jenny Mastoraki
Director: Euripides Dikaios
Sets & costumes: Yiorgos Yiannou
Music & sound design: Yiannis Christofides
Movement: Elena Antoniou
Lighting design: Georgios Koukoumas
Directing assistant: Michalis Kolokotronis
Design/construction of mechanical effects: Christodoulos Martas

Cast: Dimitris Antoniou, Petros Giorkatzis, Elena Kallinikou, Andreas Koutsoumbas, Loizos Papageorgiou, Nektarios Theodorou, Andria Zeniou

The performance contains strong language, scenes of violence, nudity, and simulated sexual activity.

Admission is strictly forbidden to anyone under the age of 18.

Minors will not be admitted even with the consent of or accompanied by an adult.


Thoc Theatre, New Stage
From 19 January 2024
and on tour