Cyprus Theatre Organisation


Thoc has a policy of offering encouragement and incentives to all theatres staging Cypriot plays, so that Cypriot writing reaches the widest possible audience.

Thoc supports the Cyprus Playwrights Association with a small financial contribution every year. Furthermore, in recent years, ‘Play’, a programme jointly organised by Thoc and the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute has made a crucial difference in the field of playwriting in this country. Focussing on the creation and staging of new Cypriot plays, it is a showcase for Cypriot playwrights and foregrounds the writing process through the dialogue between writers and theatre practitioners.

Following a break, the programme has been revived, as the two bodies share the belief that writing needs to be supported and to develop. 

Thoc also continues to offer additional financial support to writers whose works are staged by subsidised theatre companies.

Beneficiaries: playwrights and subsidised theatre audiences.