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Open Call for Emerging Artists from Cyprus | Applications by April 8th 2024

Theatre Development / International Partnerships


Cyprus Theatre Organisation is involved in the activities of a Roadshow of Performances within the “Theatre in Palm” platform.

In “The Roadshow” each partner from the following countries, presents two performances, throughout the year 2024.

The Roadshow resembles twelve lights glittering, each light lighting up in every partner country at a different time, by presenting two performances each, consecutively.  Performances will not move but create movement by when they light up.  

Preliminary dates and info for the TIP roadshow can be found here

The Call (for selected countries only):

Cyprus Theatre Organisation, invites applications by emerging artists from Cyprus, who wish to be funded to travel, for 3-5 days, to selected destinations, to be part of the Roadshow performance audience, meet the artists, network, engage with the scene, and, upon their return produce a short work/presentation inspired by the visit.

Up to 15 emerging artists will be chosen to enjoy this opportunity to broaden their professional horizons and travel abroad in 2024-2025. Emerging Artists must be Cypriot citizens or residing permanently in Cyprus.

For the purpose of this call, Emerging artists are theatre or performing arts students, recent graduates (0-5 years), other newcomers in the field of professional theatre, people interested in gaining new professional competencies, and making new openings in the field of performing arts.

If any of these resonate with your career path…

  • Actors and performers
  • Script writer and playwriters
  • Choreographers and dancers
  • Set designers and costume makers
  • Lighting designers
  • Sound designers and musical directors
  • Composers and musicians
  • Producers and play directors & assistants
  • Creative Theatre people in general

Theatre in Palm is for you!

Place and Time of Theatre visits (one place for each artist, but may apply for more than one): 


Last day to apply: April 8th

Decision date: Announced by end of May

Monetary support: Will be defined according to distance but the amount will not exceed €1000 per person to cover all expenses and allowances.

Applicants are required to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements, insurance, and the above sum will cover all per diems and fees for the visit with receipts provided.

To apply:

Please send an updated CV and full contact details (including site/social media), specifying which Country you are applying for (may have more than one on the application), confirming availability for the specific dates of the country’s Roadshow performances, along with a short letter of intent describing your work and how you feel the visit will aid you. Please send applications to, marking in the subject “@Roadshow” by April 8th 2024.