Cyprus Theatre Organisation

The Theatre Development Department is of pivotal importance for theatre in Cyprus and is treated as such by Thoc’s Board of Directors.

The department, which has been part of Thoc since 1979, is responsible for promoting, supporting and empowering independent theatre activity and for developing strategic partnerships and participating/representing Cyprus in projects and initiatives abroad.

In order to achieve the aims laid down in its founding law, Thoc is also engaged in activities beyond its theatres. These include:

  • Grants and support for “independent theatre”
  • Organisation of seminars, lectures, and other theatre-related events
  •  Theatre in schools
  • Amateur theatre
  • Promotion of theatre as an artform
  • Theatre workshops
  • Support and development of writing for the theatre 
  • Financial support for theatre-related groups (e.g. the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute, the Cyprus Actors Union, the Cyprus Playwrights Association, etc.)
  • European and international partnerships.

The Theatre Development Department is the official state body for the promotion and development of theatre in Cyprus.

Its remit covers a much wider range of issues than those outlined above. They include managing the School for the Blind Amphitheatre (in respect of hiring), creating an archive, keeping an audio-visual record of performances, and providing theatre-related information to individuals or institutions in Cyprus or abroad. It is also involved in collaboration programmes run by the European Theatre Convention, of which Thoc is a member

It is well known in Cyprus that the Theatre Development Department is the best place to start looking for answers about anything to do with the theatre.